Japanese market

Jay (profile), Jun 25th, 2012 @ 11:01pm

So I don’t think people know enough about Japan to understand how dire this is. Let’s put this into perspective…

Japan has had a recession for decades. They didn’t have any kind of protections for their middle class and most of the salarymen that made up the middle class have not looked for work in quite some time. People don’t buy music, movies, games, books or any form of entertainment like they once did. They live by the cellphone since their networks are far more advanced than what’s here in the US.

So when you look at how South Korea is becoming a much more vibrant nation you see the disparity here. Japan is getting their laws that protect the music/movie industry. But it’s coming at a dire cost.

Young workers in particular are having trouble finding work, and when they do, have very low salaries and no clear track for salary increases. Uncertainty about future earnings also means a higher saving rate, which further decreases discretionary spending in the present. Among the marketing community, Japanese millennials are known as the “generation who doesn’t consume.”

So essentially, Japan is locking up these people, that have no money to spend in the economy expecting them to just follow the rules and stop pirating or stop finding alternative means of music.

But here’s the facts… The self publishing industry is doing fine. (http://io9.com/5874951/why-manga-publishing-is-dying-and-how-it-could-get-better) What we’re seeing is the death of the old way of doing business. I don’t doubt that this criminalization will pick up some innocents who can’t do much to prove their innocence. (pdf http://www.rasmusen.org/published/Rasmusen-01.JLS.jpncon.pdf) This is truly mercantilist protectionism from an industry trying to make more money that people just don’t have. How sickening.