The True Purpose of Today’s Copyright

The true purpose of today’s copyright (the corrupt version) is to make culture something you watch, not something you do.

Expression is not ex nihilo from the brains of individuals, it is a social practice. Ideas have sex

What copyright does by banning our freedom to create derivative works, (e.g. fan translations) is that, it reshapes society to become a populace of consumers rather than peers engaging in culture with other peers. It enforces an author/audience relationship.

Copyright arbitrarily makes production expensive, because you cannot recycle content. Which means it’s actually even harder to profit.

This is an extraordinary amount of power that the State has, that they can control the minds and behaviour of its population to such an extent. This is not the true purpose of law, it is law that has been perverted.

See Lawrence lessig’s (creative commons founder) TED talk. Copyright reshapes our realities.