A Pirate’s Code – 21st Century Edition by Crosbie Fitch

A moral code for those engaged in the PIRACY of intellectual works, in accord with the philosophy of natural rights as expounded by such 18th century luminaries as Thomas Paine (Father of the American Revolution):

  • Spread mankind’s good works of art and knowledge to the four corners of the world.
  • Create and publish your own work, enjoy and share each other’s, use it, build upon it, thrive and prosper.
  • Pay others to do good work as you would be paid to do yours.
  • Restore everyone’s liberty – accept no surrender, deny privilege.
  • Guard our apprehension of the truth against those who would impair it.
  • Respect each other’s privacy – abet no burglary, remedy theft.
  • Protect life, for all, as equals.

Crosbie Fitch