Those People Who Do Not Innovate, They Will Perish.

“The way i understand it is that people who love humanity and love the progress of knowledge and love the development of society, would not create laws (i.e. use coercion and violence) to force an infinite resource into a scarce resource. The internet lets us realize for the first time, all the world’s knowledge accessible to everyone for free. That is an amazing legacy. And you wouldn’t inhibit this invention just to help the people who profit from scarcity profit from scarcity. You would rearrange society to allow free use of the internet so that everyone can have as much of it as possible. (because there is always room for more textbooks for poorer people) For those people who do not innovate, they will perish. This is good! Because the industry shifts, production becomes more efficient, and therefore society benefits. Everyone becomes richer. And so long as there are those who supply cultural goods and those who demand it, the free market will continue to work to somehow bring these 2 groups of people together. And that is why even in the face of competition forcing a zero dollar price tag, commercial art thrives on the internet.”

  • Aaeru

note: see in the 4th paragraph of this article Copyright creates artificial scarcity where none existed.

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