Jérémie Zimmerman: By sharing, you’d be better cultured.

Jérémie: I think this is why the copyright wars are so essential, because with peer-to-peer technologies, since Napster in 1999, people just understood. They got it. By sharing files between individuals…
Julian: You’d be a criminal.
Jérémie: No! You’d be better cultured.
Julian: You’d be a criminal. (smirk)
Jérémie: No that’s (just) their story telling!
Andy: The history of the human race, the history of culture is the history of copying thoughts, modify and processing them further on.
Julian: Ever since the 1950s we’ve had industrial culture. Our culture has sort of become, industrial products.
Jérémie: Everybody who used Napster back in 99 became music fans, and then went to concerts and then became prescriptors telling everybody, “Oh you should listen to those people you should go to that concert and so on (and so on).”
Jérémie: And when it is about sharing of culture it is exactly the same as when it is about the sharing of knowledge. We have examples of where, decentralized services and the sharing between individuals, makes things better.
Jérémie: (And then) an industry comes and says, “Oh this is stealing and this is killing everybody, killing Nazis, killing Hollywood, killing cinema, killing kittens, and everything. Some conservative members of the European Parliament today they now Understands this. Understands that when individuals share things, they share files without a profit, shouldn’t be enforced, shouldn’t go to jail, shouldn’t be punished.

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The Julian Assange Show: Cypherpunks, Part 2 (E8, p.2)