If some information is interesting, people WILL spread it.

In the end, there is absolutely no moral or economical justification for the use of force on people who wish to share or re-use a piece of information that they have purchased.
If some information is interesting, people WILL spread it. You do not, can not, and never will have control over information you release where many people can see it. Not while humans remain human. North Koreans have demonstrated to us that even at the risk of the death penalty, people will continue the sharing of South Korean TV dramas on USB sticks.

We are now two decades into the p2p revolution, 70% of Americans under 30 now admits to piracy (i.e. they were recipients of somebody else’s generosity or sharing of property). To criminalize piracy (i.e. to criminalize a natural human behaviour) would be the government declaring all-out war against the American people – which is treasonous. Normal people do not write laws like this. It’s only the psychopathic corporations when allied with big government that does this.

There is a reason why the Founding Fathers gave to the US people the 2nd amendment — the right to bear arms.
“You want to take my daughter away for sharing some music she found on the internet?” **Shotgun cocked** “Why don’t you come and get her?”

  • Aaeru