Sharing is an innate human quality.

Until there are valid arguments put forth against piracy which carry more weight than the many benefits provided by file-sharing, there is no reason to ever lend any credence to the irrational smear campaigns against file-sharing by defending your actions against these claims. Your actions are already valid and need no defense.

Sharing is an innate human quality. It is the way of the human species to share. There is no individual reading this now whose entire life is not thoroughly dependent upon the ideas, language, methods, designs and creations of those who came before us. Copyright or not, we benefit from these because of our most valuable tools for survival, our ability to copy, create and share, which predates the existence of copyright by at least 200,000 years.

Beware of anyone who wants to limit your ability to copy, create or share. Any person or organization who seeks to stifle this human right is anti-human and ultimately threatens our welfare.


Missing the Point – Piracy is Natural