Aaeru: It was not a stolen copy. They had to buy it.

“I bought Never7 so that I can share it. I didn’t buy it so that I can play it (ikr). And even if I didn’t buy Never7, that does not mean i can’t share it because it is a copy that has been SOLD ALREADY. When you sell something, you give up your right to control it and it is no different with information. Once you have sold a piece of information to me, it becomes MY property. I don’t care how much effort you spent growing that apple, once you’ve sold the apple to me it is mine. You give up your right to control my apple because it is no longer yours. You exchanged it for money. Now this apple of mine I will share it if I want to. I will even copy my apple (i.e. throw it in the replicator from Star Trek) then share the copies to starving children. It becomes none of your business what I do with my own apple.

Now as a society we can agree to <em>give up</em> certain rights to our own property in order to promote the progress of learning, hence why copyright was invented [see <a href="http://www.copyrighthistory.com/anne.html&quot; rel="nofollow">Statute of Anne</a>]. Copyright is the limited time, <em>limited suspension</em> of the people’s right to copy in order to promote the progress of ‘learning’ and useful arts. (see US constitution copyright clause)

Going back to Never7, Notice that at no point did anyone hack into Gameliner.jp’s servers with the intent of retrieving a copy <strong>directly </strong>, which would amount to <i>true </i>stealing (i.e. hacking to bypass a paywall). <strong>What’s important is that <i>their-own-customers </i>decided to share their  purchases.</strong> It was not a stolen copy. They had to buy it.

…Now, why human beings do this, We don’t know. We told them not to. We even made it a criminal offence and we put million dollar fines to stop them from doing this but they <strong>JUST KEEP DOING IT…!</strong> (frustrating)…. why do people keep sharing what they love?

You can respect the creators (or in this case copyright holders), but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your liberty to ‘Share’ — which is an innate and immutable human right dateing since the dawn of homo sapien. https://sharingisliberty.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/sharing-is-an-innate-human-quality/

– Aaeru



A comment taken from my blog: http://visualnovelaer.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/release-never-7-now-fully-playable-in-english/