Mark Hosler — founder of genious sound collage group, ‘Negativland’

“But when you break it down to the specifics, the actual different agreements, I don’t agree with any of them (creative commons). I don’t think that you should be able to say ‘yeah you can sample my work but you can’t sell it for money, or yeah you can sample it but only if you attribute it to me or’. I mean, there’s all these caveats that you can pick and choose, there is a whole olicart menu on their website you can pick and choose and uh, I don’t agree with. I just think, if you make art of any kind on any medium and you put it out into the world, part of the bargain of cultural production is you don’t get total control! You want total control? As I’ve said many times, keep it in your bedroom, play it for your friends. That’s it. That’s how you keep omnipotent god-like control of your work. But if you going to put it out there, then I think… you know, you just don’t get total control. And if you think you do, I say you’re just not really thinking about the good of cultural and art, you’re just thinking like a corporate lawyer and you’re being kind of… foolish.

And on the other hand (about) copyright, I don’t have anything against trying to sell your work, we, negativland sells our work and we make a small amount of money doing it, and occasionally we pay our bills and you know, scrape by. But if somebody samples from us, I really don’t really care what they do with it, I don’t care whether I like it or not, I don’t really care how stupid it is, it’s none of my business actually, it’s utterly none of my business. And I just think that kind of attitude, I just think it is a healthier attitude to have, in the long run, that’s for better culture, science, technology and ideas are going emerge from that.”

Negativland’s Mark Hosler on Copyright & Creative Commons