Falkvinge: You cannot stop the drive to make information free.

Host: “Now governments across the world have increased their effort against file-sharing. But what do these copyright laws do against file-sharing? Can file-sharing ever be stopped?”

Falkvinge: No it cannot. And that is a very important question. As mobile phones increase their memory and as devices increasingly have the capacity to store all of humanity’s music, movies & culture, (and we’re not far from there), that means everybody in a cafe can share anything and anonymously with everybody else in the cafe. So once you realize this cannot be stopped, you start to think instead of all the benefits of this new technology. We are at a crossroads where all of humanity can access the entire library of human culture and knowledge. All the tools have been developed, all the cables are in place, the technology has been rolled out. All we have to do is remove the ban on using it. But as usual, there are vested interests in doing things less efficiently and bereaving people, DEPRIVING people of this knowledge that frankly we gain economically from it.

Host: “I’m sorry to interrupt but internet laws like ACTA and SOPA, they have been met with some global criticism. Many see it as a means to limit web freedom. But surely these rules have been implemented to protect people’s intellectual property?”

Falkvinge: That is an excellent point. The thing is you cannot enforce the copyright monopolies and other forms of intellectual property without looking at what people send online to each other. That is after all where these files are being shared. And if you are looking at what people are sending to each other, you are also by definition starting to limit freedom of speech. That is why you see hundreds of thousands of Europeans on the streets, rallying against what politicians thought was a done-deal. So they were taken completely by surprise, as were the American politicians with SOPA. You cannot enforce these old monopolies laws without cracking down on Fundamental Civil Rights. Which is why you are seeing entire generation rising up against these monopolies.



See You can have Internet and free sharing of information, or you can have Working Copyright. You CANNOT have both.