I want to explain what Piracy has done for the world and why you should not be ashamed of it.


Everyone can enjoy visual novels in the West.
I want to explain what Piracy has done for the world and why you should not be ashamed of it. The youtube clip that was included with this pdf featuring John Perry Barlow (Co-founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation) comes from here.



We live in this unfortunate world of scarcity, where there isn’t enough to satisfy everybody’s wants and needs.

The history of human civilization is man’s constant struggle against nature and scarcity. People in the past, all they ever did was look for food all the time just to get enough to eat! Most human beings that have ever walked this earth lived their entire existence in what today we would call ‘Absolute Poverty’. Before the 18th century, the average person was extremely poor. It was only VERY VERY recently the specialization of roles and the division of labor and trade post-industrial revolution that gave us the relative abundance that we enjoy today. Just in the last 50 years, average income of every person on the planet (adjusted for inflation) Tripled and lifespan is up by 30%, food production per capita is UP by a third yet world population DOUBLED! We are vanquishing scarcity! We are building heaven on earth! But…. but even in the 21st century we still have scarcity. We don’t have total abundance yet (we don’t have the replicator from Star Trek but we’re getting close!). My point is, burying scarcity IS human progress.

Enter Internet.


What happened when Internet…


For the first time in the history of the world, human beings somehow managed to create a gigantic copying machine that was capable of reproducing human knowledge unto infinity at almost no costs.


This is nuts. because information had always been scarce. But with the internet there is now almost no scarcity.

We’ve reached a point in history where information has become non-scarce. There is no shortage of information because there is no costs in reproduction. Everyone can have as much knowledge as they want and that it is good that everyone can have their curiosity be satisfied to its fullest extent without needing to trade-off. General purpose peer-networked computers make information scarcities approach zero. Therefore we should let people use it as much as possible so that everyone can benefit from this technology. With the internet, we are one step closer to overcoming this world of scarcity!

Copying is producing something out of nothing.

When you create a digital copy, you produce one more for the world, which means one less deprived mind. This is an INSANE Concept! because it is literally something-out-of-nothing (since cost of reproduction is zero). Everytime we copy, that is ONE less unit of scarcity left for the world to face (as opposed to stealing, which subtracts one from another’s). Therefore we should arrange society to make use of this Gigantic Copying Machine as much as possible because it is Damn Awesome.

But what is the State trying to do? It’s trying to stop it. It’s fighting it tooth and nail. It’s trying to turn the digital age back into the analog age. They are overturning human progress. [youtube] The FREE spread of information is integral to human progress.


“If you could reproduce hot lunches at will with no incremental cost, no one would characterize that as a disaster, except perhaps the delicatessen industry. But today, where human knowledge can be reproduced at no incremental cost, our first response is to see to it how we can make that stop?? Human knowledge has through history been the prime factor that drives the human condition, our ability to enjoy our lives. The unfettered access to human knowledge improves us and makes us better.”

– Cory Doctorow, Author and Digital Activist




So can we please think of a way to incentivize creation that is not economically insane?

See the cost of copyright

See what we lose when we support copyright.

There are better ways to arrange society that can have both artists getting paid AND free-use of the giant copying machine.


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"What is wrong is that we have invented the technology to eliminate scarcity, but we are deliberately throwing it away to benefit those who profit from scarcity. We now have the means to duplicate any kind of information that can be compactly represented in digital media. We can replicate it worldwide, to billions of people, for very low costs, affordable by individuals. We are working hard on technologies that will permit other sorts of resources to be duplicated this easily, including arbitrary physical objects ("nanotechnology"; see http://www.foresight.org). The progress of science, technology, and free markets have produced an end to many kinds of scarcity. A hundred years ago, more than 99% of Americans were still using outhouses, and one out of every ten children died in infancy. Now even the poorest Americans have cars, television, telephones, heat, clean water, sanitary sewers things that the richest millionaires of 1900 could not buy. These technologies promise an end to physical want in the near future. "We should be rejoicing for mutually creating a heaven on earth!" Instead, those crabbed souls who make their living from perpetuating scarcity are sneaking around, convincing co-conspirators to chain our cheap duplication technology so that it won’t make copies at least not of the kind of goods they want to sell us. This is the worst sort of economic protectionism, beggaring (i.e. impoverishing) your own society for the benefit of an inefficient local industry. The record and movie distribution companies are careful not to point this out to us, but that is what is happening."

– Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Gilmore