Eben Moglen: without free sharing of information, the advance of knowledge would be impossible

“We are doing that for a reason. The reason, which was sketched out by my colleague, friend, and client Richard Stallman in the early nineteen eighties, is to protect the ethical right to share information. This is properly understood as the intellectual context of Western science and literature-not as an invention of the nineteen eighties, not as a consequence of our particular personal, intellectual or moral idiosyncrasies. It is the received understanding of our common culture with regard to the production of knowledge by collaborative effort. The free sharing of scientific information is the essence of Western science. And without the concept of the free sharing of information–Western scientists have been pointing out since Galileo pointed it out to the church in the mid 16th century–the advance of knowledge would be either impossible or impossibly burdened.”

  • Eben Moglen

Freeing the Mind : Free Software and the Death of Proprietary Culture